About Mosaico People

With nearly 8 years of experiences to boast of in the manufacture and distribution of glass mosaic tiles, porcelain mosaic tiles and stone mosaic tiles. we at mosaic people understand best the needs of our customers. Over the year, we have accumulated invaluable Knowledge about architecture and design trends. Our every effort has been to cater efficiently to the needs of any job, regardless of size or type in the shortest period of time. Due to Large Production Capacity we are able to handle large projects in a short period of time.

Today Mosaic People‚ÄĚs team of in-house designers have accumulated the expertise to custom design gradients, Murals and blends to suit every creative need. Our designers can create masterpieces that range from the simple to the most exotic with a large variety of different types of mosaic. Our tiles have stood the best of time under severest of weather conditions.

Mosaic people journey fromits inception to the present day has been exceptionally rewarding . Our tiles can be seen adoring a variety of architectural and interior design projects ranging from exterior focades of building ,swimming pools,lobbies ,lounges,bathrooms,subways ,fountains , parking area etc.

Most importantly,our growing number of satisfied clients can vouch for the fact that we are considered to the most trusted and reliable brand of mosaic tiles.


Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass , stone , or other materials. It may be a technique of decorative art , an aspects of interior decoration . The earliest known examples of mosaics made of different material were found at a temple building in Ubaid ,Mesopotamia, and are dated to the second half of 3rd millennium BC They Consist of Pieces of colored stones, shell and ivory.

Glass Mosaic is made up of sand, silicon, flux , metal oxides & colors and is formed into glass mosaic under high temperature. Glass Mosaic is probably the smallest decoration material & colour of glass mosaic is very rich. At present we have more than 40 colors which give you a lot of options of different colour combination.

Present day , Glass is a medium being widely used by the Architects. Computer technology whips up designs and murals complex enough to be presented on the computer screen even before it goes into further production.

Where to place

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Swimming pools / water bodies
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Institute
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Restaurant
  • Showrooms / malls
  • Commercial / Residential Apartment
  • Water park


What is the relation between work and works, works and people, people and world? Mosaic people considers they are parallel, that mean they are independent and reflecting each other.therefore, mosaic is an unique aesthetic symbol. In mosaic, there relation between people and works is delicates Mosaic people mosaic shows multiple and strong style which are popular to the customers all over India and Abroad .